The Historic Peachland Primary School

The first school house in Peachland was built on Brandon Lane, but the town quickly outgrew this space. The Historic Peachland Primary School was built in 1908 and still graces the waterfront. In 1949 it became Peachland Elementary, and later Peachland Primary. Its windows look out on the beaches and playing fields where many generations of Peachland kids skinned their knees, bruised their elbows, and learned to swim. It closed in June 2002 and after a facelift and some renovations it re-opened in October 2013. The builidng is now home to the Peachland Visitor Center, the Peachland Boys and Girls Club, the Peachland Chamber of Commerce, the Peachland Arts Council's Mary Smith Hall and the colonies of Yuma and Little Brown bats in the attic!

Past Classes


The Building Today

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