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Hardy Falls

*Please Note - Hardy Falls is currently CLOSED due to flooding damage*

Updates for Flood Protection work here.


Hardy Falls is located 230km along Hardy Street, then 400m along a well-kept Regional Park path. The wheelchair accessible route crosses seven bridges ending at a beautiful, secluded namesake waterfall. Its trail is well marked and easy to follow. The boardwalk offers an extremely easy in and out route for all ages and abilities. Hike and bike friendly. 


Discover all kinds of wildlife on your stroll into beautiful Hardy Falls, including the resident peacock! In September spawning kokanee fill Deep Creek for a fascinating sight. But watch out for the wild neighbours! Bears like the land-locked salmon too.


Turn off Hwy 97 south of Peachland into a spacious parking lot, complete with public washrooms. Pack a picnic basket and bring your swimsuit. Antlers Beach is just steps away! 


Directions: Follow Highway 97 South and turn right onto Hardy Rd. 

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