We have bats in our attic!

Upon the Peachland Historic Primary School building's renovation, it was revealed that we would share our space with a roost of almost 2,000 Yuma Bats!


"This could possibly be the largest Yuma bat colony in British Columbia”. - Wildlife biologist Aaron Reid: Ministry of Environment


Bats are a protected species and valuable mammals in the Eco system. They eat up to 3/4 of their body weight in insects each night and mosquitoes are their choice of diet in Peachland; this explains why Peachland beaches are virtually mosquito free.  

Come in and learn through our 'Bat Chats' how myths of health risks and other public fears have been put to rest by wildlife biologists.


View the daily life style of these nocturnal mammals via video cameras installed in the Historic Primary School roost. You can also bring a blanket and sit outside the Historic Primary School at dusk to view these little mammals take flight for their nightly forging.

To learn more about our bats & how we protect them; visit the BEEPS (Bat Education & Ecological Protection Society) website.

Yuma & Little Brown Bats Call Peachland Home

Fascinating creatures fly over the lake at night; the Yuma Bat colony housed in the attic of the Historic Primary School is an astonishing phenomenon – one of the largest colonies in the province.

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